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Thursday, May 03, 2012

Not fit for it (II)

More from the Member — one seriously hesitates to use the Hon. honorific he's notionally entitled to — for Carbonear–Harbour Grace, from Wednesday's proceedings in the pathetic excuse of a provincial legislature:

MR. KENNEDY: Yes, Mr. Speaker. First, to the point of order, the member opposite referred to something that the Member for Terra Nova had to say. He has no way, Mr. Speaker, to answer at this point. Essentially, what he is doing is attributing comments to the member that there is no way to verify or to establish.

MR. SPEAKER: There is no point of order. I ask the member to continue with his comments.

MR. KENNEDY: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Since there is no point of order, what I would say to the member opposite is that we were not agreeing with you; people were laughing at you.
To suggest Mr. Kennedy stay classy would be to falsely imply he was classy in the first place. The man continues:
MR. KENNEDY: Mr. Speaker, I certainly do not want to interfere with the Member for Burgeo - La Poile’s Victoria Day weekend. Maybe he has a reservation at Butter Pot Park, I do not know. I will say, Mr. Speaker, make no plans for the May 24 weekend, as he suggested legislation would allow.

Mr. Speaker, since 2004, we have sat beyond the May 24 weekend every year. In 2010, we sat on June 24, Mr. Speaker. As I have indicated, this sitting of the House – a session is a number of sittings – we started on March 5, a week before the member opposite would have us sit, and we will sit, Mr. Speaker, until at least the middle or end of June. It will probably be the longest, single sitting of this House in more than twenty years, Mr. Speaker.
Funny words from a member of the party that brought you Thanksgeaster.

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