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Thursday, December 06, 2012

Opening government

Last Friday, the relevant parties signed the terms sheet governing the eventual Muskrat Falls loan guarantee.

For some reason, the document itself wasn't released until Tuesday.

For some other, probably related reasons, the document wasn't published to the provincial government's own website, nor to that of the other governments involved.

And it was made available only in a graphical PDF form, not a textual format, despite the incredible ease with which a fully machine-readable and searchable PDF could have been created.

This would seem to be par for the course with the current government; cf. Wednesday's release of additional Muskrat Falls documentation, again hosted off-site and in graphical-only, non-textual PDF versions.

(It is also in violation of Dundergov's own guidelines for accessible web design, which calls for "providing text alternatives for non text content".)

So here, by way of at least half-measures, is a rescanned version of the government's document release, with OCR applied to generate somewhat useable text. OCR errors are to be expected; use with caution and care.


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