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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Great idea!

VOCM reports today:
The Minister of Service NL says people should not jump to conclusions about the new online restaurant inspection guide. Nick McGrath says it isn't a bad thing for a restaurant's health inspections to be posted online, nor is the point to air dirty laundry in public. He says the point is about being open, and giving people the opportunity to know what goes on during an inspection. He says he thinks that's been achieved.

McGrath says the important thing is for people to go online and understand how inspections work before passing judgement.

He says you can't just click on a restaurant looking for the bad things. He says you need to read the beginning, find out what the codes mean, and understand the difference between "critical" and "non-critical."
A remarkable change in attitude from Minister McGrath's hapless predecessors in office, and current caucus and cabinet colleagues, Paul Davis and Fairity O'Brien.

It can't be many months now before the government finally convinces themselves that they thought of the idea all on their own.



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