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Friday, June 28, 2013


Bill Westcott of Clarke's Beach writes in the Telegram:
Here we go again. According to CTV’s “Canada AM” program Thursday, we should all celebrate Canada Day with wine and cheese parties. In the process, the program suggests we all raise a glass or two of Nova Scotia, Ontario or British Columbia wines. 
There are two inferences here, in my view. One is that, like so often, Canada begins in Nova Scotia (likely Cape Breton). The other is that we have no wines of any distinction here on this “quaint little rock” in the North Atlantic. 
We Newfoundlanders should demand more respect and insist that more attention to these national references be made with a view to having them stopped once and for all. 
How often do national weather forecasters, particularly on CBC and CTV, refer to weather outlooks from “right across the country” while meteorology graphics on their computer-generated weather maps end at Nova Scotia. We should fire off emails and tweets in protest to these program producers and hosts.
Bill Westcott of Clarke's Beach might want to get in touch with Bill Westcott of Clarke's Beach:
Just imagine not blowing 'ere wide open eh Clar, and having a great time for ourselves right across her eh, from St. John's to Port aux Basques. [The Compass, April 21, 2009]

Ever since I was nine years old Newfoundland has been considered to be the poor cousin of Canada. Premier after Premier, beginning with Joey in 1949 fought and clawed their way trying to make this island home a have province. [The Compass, December 15, 2009]

Herber McGurk's letter to The Compass May 21, headlined "The SS Kyle deserves better," brought up a very important subject that needs addressing by the Dunderdale Government, namely the shameful condition of, not only this magnificent historical ship that's rusting away abandoned in the waters off Harbour Grace, but of many other Newfoundland and Labrador historic sites, buildings, monuments and artifacts. 
We live on an island in the North Atlantic that has one of the most incredible histories anyone anywhere will ever study. [The Compass, June 14, 2013]



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