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Thursday, January 14, 2016

On consultation (I)

David Brazil, May 4, 2015:

MR. BRAZIL: Thank you, Mr. Speaker.
I want to make it clear to the hon. Leader of the Opposition that any time we consult with the general public, regardless of what issue it is, it is never a waste of time, Mr. Speaker.
SOME HON. MEMBERS: Hear, hear!
MR. SPEAKER: Order, please!
MR. BRAZIL: It is very important for us, and particularly me, as a minister, to assess exactly what –
MR. SPEAKER: Order, please!
MR. BRAZIL: – people think is the type of service we can provide, and outline to them exactly what our financial restrictions may be, or our challenges, and see if they can be part of not only outlining what should be done, but how they can be partners in that, Mr. Speaker.
So when we open up dialogue as an open government, we engage the general public to come in and that is how we will solve the problems in this Province and engage people by having a better service for the people of Labrador and every other service we offer in this Province.
Thank you, Mr. Speaker.


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