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Monday, April 03, 2017

Access denied

Section 299 of the provincial Elections Act provides as follows:

299. (1) Where an authorized person, on behalf of a registered party accepts, in a year, a contribution, the chief financial officer of the party shall record the contribution as to amount and the name and address of the contributor.
(3)   A registered party shall file with the Chief Electoral Officer, within the period during which an annual financial statement shall be filed, a return with respect to contributions that either individually or in sum exceed $100 setting out all the information required to be recorded under subsections (1) and (2).
Read in conjunction with s. 303, the deadline for filing that return of "annual" political finance contributions is April 1st.

That is, the deadline for registered parties to file their financial returns for calendar year 2016 expired on Saturday past.

As of now, Elections Newfoundland and Labrador has still not posted such annual returns for calendar year 2015, which were due on April 1, 2016, nor the campaign-period returns relative to the 2015 election, which were due the day before that.

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