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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

State of the media art

Today, VOCM covers reaction to yesterday's Lower Churchill yawnathon:
Reaction to Government Announcement on Lower Churchill
May 9, 2006

Premier Danny Williams says they have no intentions of moving forward with the Lower Churchill until they've met with the various groups within Labrador. Williams told VOCM Open Line with Randy Simms, that includes the Innu and the Labrador Metis Nation. As for some mainland pundits who question the ability of the government to go it alone on such a huge project, Williams was quick to point out that Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro already runs the 8th largest hydro project in the world.

The St. John's Board of Trade is weighing in on government's decision on the Lower Churchill project. President Ray Dillon says while the news of government and Hydro taking the lead is welcome, it's important they ensure the returns and risks are balanced in the best way possible. Dillon says the government must clearly outline from the beginning how long it will take for each benefit to become a reality. Dillon also encourages government to take advantage of the expertise and capacity of major private sector contractors to help with the project development.
Curiously, the initial version of this story included critical and even negative comments from MHA Yvonne Jones, the Labrador Metis Nation, and Grand Riverkeeper. That text was removed from the VOCM site by mid-morning.



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