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Friday, December 15, 2006

A post so nice...

... it's posted twice:

The ostensible reason for driving private energy development out of Labrador was the ongoing planning of the energy plan. As then-Minister Ed Byrne said on January 18:
"We are currently in the process of the most comprehensive energy policy review ever undertaken in this province to develop an Energy Plan. This plan will set out the framework for policy decisions on how our energy sources are developed to achieve maximum benefit for the province. Obviously, the development of wind power will be a component of that plan. As a result we will not be making any decisions on such large wind development projects until government has its Energy Plan complete."
and on January 26:
"When [Ventus] made its presentation to government of its proposal, I was very clear and definitive with the partnership representatives that we are in the process of developing our provincial energy plan and, obviously, the development of wind projects would be a key element of the plan. Therefore, government was not going to make any decision regarding these projects until that process is complete."
Vector Wind Energy, a private energy company just like those which, apparently, must be kept out of Labrador at all costs, has been awarded a contract by the State Ministry of Energy Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro to provide 24 megawatts (MW) of wind power to Newfoundland from its Fermeuse Wind Project.

Even though that provincial energy plan, until which no decision on wind energy was to have been made, has been delayed by Glorious Procrastinator.

So, again, it must be asked:

What is the sound, rational, coherent, and articulated basis on which wind power in Labrador is distinguished from wind power in Newfoundland?


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