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Monday, January 22, 2007

Finally, a little good news

What a difference half a year makes. Premier Williams has actually, for once, ratcheted down his nationalist-cum-crypto-separatist rhetoric on the equalization issue, and in particular, the possibility that Stephen Harper might not keep his promise to remove resource revenue from the complex equation.

Just six months ago, Danny was predicting that the consequences of any such action by Harper would be "dire". (Though the "direness" of the consequences was left unspecified, there was no doubt in certain quarters what those consequences would be.)

But the Ministry of Truth reports today:
Equalization the Focus as Premier Heads West
January 22, 2007

The campaign on equalization garners more attention this week, as Premier Danny Williams travels out west to continue his pitch. He'll talk about equalization in a speech at the University of Saskatchewan, a province where Williams has an ally in Premier Lorne Calvert. Williams told VOCM Night Line with Linda Swain if the prime minister breaks his promise, it will have significant consequences for this province, but he's giving Stephen Harper the benefit of the doubt.
This is an important development. The consequences, though still vague and unspecified, have been downgraded from "dire" to merely "significant".

In light of this, the Office of Dannyland Security is pleased to announce that, having re-assessed its intelligence, it has lowered the National Threat Level to "Guarded", effective immediately:


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