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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Of all the pathetic...

... Townie Tory talk-point potted-plant calls that have ever been deployed to toe the Danny Williams line on the call-in shows, "Liz" tonight just about takes the cake.
"I hold people to their word... we have to hold people accountable to their word... we expect you to be true to your word... I take people at their word... I can't see him reneging on a promise that he made in writing," Liz said.
A rule that applies to everyone except her own Glorious Leader, Danny Williams.

Danny Williams promised, in writing:
A Progressive Conservative government will acknowledge that the decision in the Powley case applies to Metis in Newfoundland and Labrador, and will par ticipate with specific rights affirmed in the Powley decision and other rights protected under s. 35 of the Constitution.
That was a big fat lie. Yet Liz, with the Labrador roots she claims to have, still supports Danny Williams.

Danny Williams' government promised, in writing, to follow independent consultant's advice on the configuration of the Labrador marine services. They broke that promise.

Danny Williams' platform promised, in writing, to "Release to the public every government-commissioned report within 30 days of receiving it". That was before Danny Williams sat on the "fixed link" study for four months because he didn't like the answer.

"Premier Williams has committed to improving things in Labrador", Liz says.

Yes, Liz, he has.

He has committed to stuff. Lots of stuff.

Just like every Premier, Liberal and Tory, before him.

Committments are cheap. Especially Danny William's deflated ones. When you expect the federal government to pay 50% of them, as in the case of the Trans-Labrador Highway, or you aren't actually committed to anything:
Government will invest $26.7 million to further construct Phase III of the Trans-Labrador Highway - including 50 kilometres between Happy Valley-Goose Bay and Cartwright - and another $15 million, subject to 50-50 federal-provincial cost-sharing...
Or when you expect the federal government to pay , for no other reason than it's in Labrador, even while the province pays 75% of the costs of a similar facility in Newfoundland.

It's not a question of what Danny Williams has "committed to".

It's a question of what Danny Williams has actually done.

Or, more to the point... what he hasn't. Because this, too, Danny Williams promised:
It’s high time that Labradorians, instead of feeling like someone else’s treasure trove, started feeling like an integral part of ourprovince. We cannot expect fair treatment from Ottawa if we don’t practise what we preach.
So how about it, Liz? Do you hold people to their word? Do you have to hold people accountable to their word? Do you expect people to be true to their word? Do you take people at their word? Can you see him reneging on a promise that he made in writing?

Either you're a hypocrite for not holding Danny Williams to the same standard you expect of everyone else, especially non-Tories. Or, you believe Danny is superhuman, and therefore not a member of the subset of "people" who you expect to keep their promises.

Which is it?


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