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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

When everyone's thinking the same thing...

... someone's not thinking.

There are 48 members of the House of Assembly.

One of them, Glorious Leader himself, was the amanuensis for the Throne Speech which His Poor Old Viceregal Excellency Ed Roberts was subject to reading today.

That leaves 47 MHAs, any one of whom could have spoken out to at least subtly question the nationalist hokum, the crypto-separatist — is it time to stop qualifying it with "crypto" yet? — rhetoric, and the factual inexactitudes.

And that is to say nothing of the galling intellectual dishonesty of a government that is supposedly working to achieve "autonomy", "moral autonomy", whatever that is, included, by increasing the amount it receives in federal transfer payments from the rest of Canada, and jacking up the federal civil service presence in the province.

But did the Liberal Opposition leader challenge the underlying theses of this Rant from the Throne?


What about the newly-minted NDP leader?


Qui tacit consentire videtur.

If they disagree with the fundamentals of the Rant from the Throne, today was the day to start expressing it.

If they agree, well, then that leaves a huge vacuum in the federalist part of the local political spectrum. They may as well fold their parties into Bloc Dannystan now and be done with it. And make no mistake, the Rant from the Throne was aimed squarely at fracturing that spectrum along a federalist-separatist axis.

All of which leads a body to wonder: when Beth Marshall says:
Mr. Speaker, this government has invested significantly in the Province’s education system and will continue to do so to ensure our students have the knowledge and skill they need to become not only contributing members of society but leaders in our community and the nation.
which nation is she referring to?


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