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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Your weight and fortune

Mr. Speaker, all that has been done in the reclassification and the reorganization of staff in the Premier’s office is to bring those who were at the ADM level closer to the ADM level of pay across the system, and those who should have been at the DM level closer to the DM level of pay across the system. That is what has happened in the Premier’s office, Mr. Speaker. Those staff are worth their weight in gold. They provide great service to the people of this Province

That was Tom Rideout on Tuesday, upbacking, on behalf of Chairman Dan, the Premier's office's pay hikes.

At $US 680.90/troy oz., and at the current exchange rate of $Can=$US0.9037, that means that the Director of Communications must, on an annualized basis, weigh a svelte 135 troy ounces.

The Chief of Staff? 174.

Deputy Chief? 125. Special Advisor weighs in at 122 ounces; Principal Assistant, 119; Director of Operations, 108; and "Manager of Community Operations" [Whatever THAT is. What is it? — ed.], 106.



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