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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Adding insult to insult

Greg Locke's take on the "Danny Chavez" article by Dirk DeCloet in the Globe and Mail that's created the usual Psychodrama of the Week in NewfNat circles:

Maybe we won't have to be insulted with more stories about how Newfoundland's economy is "leading the country"...
No, instead "we" can be insulted with stories about how the economy is tanking.

Or about how it is often foggy or rainy.

Or how "Newfoundland" is a twelve-letter word with three syllables.

In fact, it would seem that, for as long as there have been "mainland newspapers", no matter what they print, the usual jingo suspects will take offense and whip up psychodramatic hysteria:
In an article conspicuously displayed in the Toronto Saturday Night of June 10th, the writer, who is described in the headnote as “an able scientist and economist who is well acquainted with conditions,” and who signs himself “Islander,” has little to say to the credit of Newfoundland or its people. He expresses the opinion that the natural resources upon the development of which the islanders rely for economic recovery are chimeras. No one, says the writer, “has as yet deliberately pricked the bubble of delusion and shown the people the true limitations of their inheritance.” Speaking of the country’s administration, he declares that Newfoundland has never been wisely governed, and that “every inch of progress has been accompanied by acts of either gross incompetence or downright fraud.” The people are accused to have been as busy as their representatives in looting the Treasury. Throughout the whole article, there is little to suggest that Newfoundland or the people had any redeeming virtues and there was little hope of further progress or prosperity...

it can only be inferred that Saturday Night, either by accident or for some unaccountable reason has permitted a writer with some grudge against the Dominion to avail of its pages to vent his spleen upon us.
Tune into the Ministry of Truth tonight for a full dose of "confuting of traducers".


At 6:00 PM, June 10, 2007 , Blogger Simon said...

You just can't win.

If we are not taking it on the chin for doing poorly then we are being slagged for doing well.

Why don't they just stop paying attention to us; but we can't promise not to get pissed for being ignored.

It's like a sausage balloon: as soon as you get one end under control, a big bubble of hot air pops up somewhere else.


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