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Thursday, June 14, 2007


Any day now, all those proud Newfoundlanders, who are passionate about the sacred principle of adjacency, will be blockading the Marine Atlantic ferry at Port aux Basques, to prevent shrimp from being trucked...  in.

And soon thereafter, Nova Scotia will pass anti-Bill Barry legislation.

Rodney MacDonald will be heard to say, "What we've tried to do is make sure that there wasn't a quick flip on this, and that this wasn't perceived or was a sham for some takeover by Bill Barry or anybody else, at the end of the day." Or something like that.

From the CBC today:

Laid-off Canso workers cry foul over shrimp trucking
Last Updated: Thursday, June 14, 2007 2:38 PM NT
CBC News

Unemployed fish plant workers in a Nova Scotia town are angry that shrimp landed in their community is being trucked to eastern Newfoundland for processing.

The Seafreez plant in Canso has been idle for several years, even though shrimp is still being landed locally.

"We believe that anything caught here should be processed here," said plant worker Kathy Dorrington, who punched in 27 years at the plant under different owners.

"It's a very sad state of affair that's going on right now in this area. … We have no hope."

The shrimp is being trucked to a plant in Clarenville, in eastern Newfoundland.


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