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Saturday, September 01, 2007


The August 14th edition of the Coaster out of Harbour Breton had a photo with a most interesting caption attached.

It was connected to a story on a cancer fundraiser in St. Alban's:
Clayton Forsey, MHA Exploits, donated $500 dollars on behalf of Premier Danny Williams."

Fast-forward two weeks. The Coaster prints a correction and apology:
In the August 14, 2007 edition of the Coaster, (Page 12), in the story titled, Thank You, Over $72,000 raised at Bay d'Espoir Cancer Benefit Concert, the picture caption located at the bottom of the story says, Clayton Forsey, MHA Exploits donated $500 on behalf of Premier Danny Williams. The donation was in fact made on behalf of the provincial Department of Health and Community Services.

The Coaster apologizes for this mistake.

It doesn't apologize for misquoting Clayton Forsey. Does that mean Clayton Forsey, if inadvertantly, said that he made the "donation" on the Premier's behalf?

And, even if not from the Premier, an MHA, or a Minister, what in the name of decency is a provincial government department doing making "donations", either?


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