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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The first day of the rest of the second term (2)

CBC quoted Our Dear Premier on September 19th:

"So what's going to happen is that industries are going to look more to Newfoundland than Labrador to set up because there's not going to be no grid or anything for industry to set up to get cheap power," resident William Burden said.

Government officials have said that some ideas proposed for Labrador — such as diverting power from a planned transmission line to the island to the Labrador coast as well — are too expensive.

But Williams tried to ease concerns.

"When it comes to this new power, I can tell you categorically that that industry is going to be here in Labrador," Williams said.
And Terry Roberts, writing in the September 24th Telegram:
Williams promised to continue an energy rebate program to those in isolated communities and hinted at further rebates for residential and commercial customers. As for transmission to the south and north coasts of Labrador, Williams said "the enormous associated costs" make it unfeasible.

"Committing to that would be tantamount to telling you that your electricity bills will go through the roof," he said.

Williams called Labrador one of his top priorities and said the region's day has come.

"I want to make sure I allay any of your concerns," Williams told the gathering before beginning his prepared remarks. "I'd never want the people of Labrador to ever second-guess what our motives are here."

He said if there are projects that need electricity in Labrador, they will get it. He referred to the Northern Strategic Plan for Labrador and the recently released energy plan as "evolving documents" that will be adapted over time as the need arises.


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