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Thursday, October 18, 2007

irResponsible Government as it exists in 2007

Three years ago, Jonathon Gatehouse wrote for Macleans:

A 25-year career in business and law as absolute ruler of his own fiefdoms qualified [Danny] Williams for politics, but it didn't prepare him. He still bristles at the "wasted time" in the House, and the daily distractions that take him away from the real work of governing.

He "bristles" at time wasted in the House.

The institution he was elected to, three times now.

The institution that is constitutionally required to sit once a year.

The institution to which he and his government are, under the Westminster model, responsible — whence, Danny, the "Responsible", in the "Responsible Government as it existed prior to 1934" option that you not-so-secretly wish had won in 1948.

Yes, he bristles, alright.

But now that there are no more constituency-allowance cheques to hand out, what is that "real work of governing" that is keeping Our Dear Open and Accountable Government from being, y'know, open and accountable?


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