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Monday, October 15, 2007

Why "Dan" hates "Steve"

It's not that they are so different.

It's that they're so much the same.

Feschuk writes:
But hand Stephen Harper lemons and he'll order someone to make him lemonade — which he'll then shove aside, grunting, "I asked for iced tea, dammit." The Prime Minister managed to find a bright side to the supersized surplus — it was proof positive of how, by being exactly the same as the Liberals, he is completely different from the Liberals.

That may sound contradictory, but not in Harper's world. And really — wouldn't it be great to live in Stephen Harper's world? It is a world where yours is the only voice; a world defined by a strict ethical code that, happily, applies only to others; a world where hypocrisy is rank and detestable — except for your own hypocrisy, which is very pretty and smells like spearmint. Also in Stephen Harper's world: donuts have, like, three calories and Abba never broke up. Truly, it is a paradise.
And there, mutatis mutandis, you have Danny Williams as well.


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