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Monday, November 19, 2007

A tale of two verbal tics

First, certain media and political types started distingushing between "here" and "there".

As in "We have a lot of talented artists here."

"We have a lot of culture and history here."

But as in, "It's going to be a cold one there tonight."

Or, "Substance abuse is a real problem up there."

In their offices "here", certain officials in the Government of Here and There might not notice that verbal tic. In their studios "here", the on-air personalities of CBC Here and There, or the VOCM-CFCB All Here and There Radio Network, are inured to it. (Then again, there are certain folks behind the mic in Toronto who don't notice "Victoria to Halifax", either.)

And now, some of those same on-air personalities "here", and some of the politicians they interview, have taken to referring to the Maritimes as "Atlantic Canada".

As if "Here", or "Here and There", weren't part of Atlantic Canada.

Or, maybe, as if Here and There weren't even part of Canada at all.



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