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Monday, January 14, 2008

Danny unplugged

Enough slagging the Ceeb for one day; they deserve a cheer, too.

Quite often, news outlets leave viewers, listeners, or readers with little more than snippets from interview subjects or news events. “Sound bites”, they are called.

However, the CBC has been increasingly making raw, in-extenso, audio and video available on top of the edited coverage that is canned as hourly and daily newscasts.

Case in point: today’s press availability by the Premier, video of which is available as this .ram file.

Not only does it provide the opportunity to explore the soundbites in context, and give a bit of insight into how news programming is made… where else would you uncover unedited gems of statements by Our Dear Premier, replete with almost uncountable John-Turneresque throat-clearings and nervous “y’knows”, such as:
I also wrote [Harper] twice on the statements of Minister Hearn. Minister Hearn indicated that I had to be a good boy, and by [my?] interpretation Newfoundlanders and Labradorians had to be good boys and girls in order to get anything from the government of Canada. >>ahem<<
“By interpretation” (or was it “my interpretation”?)

Yes, everyone knows how Danny’s “interpretation” of someone else’s statements is always, and infallibly, so very, very close to the actual truth of what was uttered.

And with two curious verbal mis-steps in one sentence-like object, you gain a bit of insight into the mind-workings of the Great Man:
I mean, y’know, y’know, at the end of all of this, y’ know, I think the people of Newfoundland will — and Labrador — will clearly state to the Government of Canada — or the fed — I’m sorry, — to the Conservative Party of Canada — that they’re not going to elect any candidates…
Labrador is an integral part of the province of Newfoundland and Afterthought.

And it’s not about sending messages to the Canadian Conservatives, it’s about sending a message to Canada as a whole.

My people are proud nationalists a nation within a nation dire consequences trying to stamp out separatism blah blah blah.

Now hurry up and build that fixed link so that We can threaten to tear it down.


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