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Friday, February 22, 2008

Congratulations, Danny!

By prolonging the inter-legislature break to March 10th, you will have waited 175 days since the last session to re-open the House of Assembly, breaking your own previous mark of 171 days and taking full ownership of fifth and sixth place in post-Confederation history. You now rank behind only Smallwood for the longest interval between the last sitting of one legislature, and the first of the following one.

But wait! There's more!

You will also beat your own previous record of a 149-day break since the election, which you set in 2003. You will now have the fourth- and fifth-sorriest post-Confederation record, and the gold and silver medals in post-Smallwood history, leaving Frank Moores' 1975 two-month mark in the dust.

You're awesome! Congratulations!

Leg. Premier Election House opening Interval
32 Smallwood 20-Aug-59 20-Apr-60 244
31 Smallwood 2-Oct-56 19-Mar-57 168
29 Smallwood 27-May-49 7-Nov-49 164
46 Williams 9-Oct-07 10-Mar-08 153
45 Williams 21-Oct-03 18-Mar-04 149

33 Smallwood 19-Nov-62 20-Mar-63 121
30 Smallwood 26-Nov-51 11-Mar-52 106
35 Smallwood 28-Nov-71 1-Mar-72 94
34 Smallwood 8-Sep-66 30-Nov-66 83
37 Moores 16-Sep-75 19-Nov-75 64
41 Wells 20-Apr-89 25-May-89 35
44 Tobin 9-Feb-99 16-Mar-99 35
39 Peckford 6-Apr-82 10-May-82 34
38 Peckford 8-Jun-79 12-Jul-79 34

43 Tobin 22-Feb-96 20-Mar-96 27
36 Moores 24-Mar-72 19-Apr-72 26
40 Peckford 2-Apr-85 25-Apr-85 23

42 Wells 3-May-93 20-May-93 17


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