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Monday, March 03, 2008

Geography lesson (I)

Archdeacon Francis Buckle takes the Telegram, and others, to task:
Labrador map three sizes too small

I have followed with some interest The Telegram's weather reporting vis-a-vis Labrador. You obviously have problems in your presentation.

For a lengthy period of time, you divided the province into areas: Newfoundland was divided, for reporting purposes, into six weather areas; Labrador, though three times larger, to one!
Randy Simms has trouble believing that Labrador is three times larger.

Perhaps if generations of Newfoundlanders hadn't been exposed to official maps like this one, he'd have an easier time.

For the record, the area of Labrador is 294,330 km2. The area of Newfoundland is 111,390 km2. That means Labrador constitutes 72.5% of the provincial landmass, nearly three quarters, and is just under 2 2/3 (2.64) times the size of Newfoundland.


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