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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tricky Dan

Greg Quinn reports for Bloomberg:

Newfoundland Leader `Flabbergasted' by Canada Tax Row

By Greg Quinn

March 25 (Bloomberg) — Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Danny Williams said he's "flabbergasted" that Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty decided to attack the economic policies of Ontario, the country's wealthiest province.


"I'm flabbergasted, for want of a better term, and astonished that a Canadian federal finance minister would make a statement that his home province is the last place that people should be doing business in Canada," Williams said. "That's pretty close to what he said -- that's a very irresponsible statement."

Williams, who spoke by telephone today while vacationing in the U.S., is battling with Flaherty and Harper's government over Newfoundland's share of offshore energy revenue.

As (depending on whose version of the story you chose to believe) either Dalton Camp said about the unfairly-maligned Richard Hatfield — or as Richard Hatfield said about himself — just because you're Premier of the province, doesn't mean you gotta live there.


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