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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Holding government to account

MHA wants answers.

MHA Seeks Answers From Feds - Mar 20, 2008

The MHA for Burgeo- La Poile is looking for answers from the federal government. Kelvin Parsons is challenging a decision to allow the sale of a turbot quota traditionally attached to the town of Burgeo. Parsons says when the plant changed hands in 1991 from National Sea to Bill Barry the federal government attached a number of terms and conditions which would have seen the allocation of subsequent redfish and turbot quotas processed at the Burgeo facility. Since that time, Parsons says the original deal has been manipulated to the detriment of the town; the redfish quota taken and processed in Canso, Nova Scotia and most recently the 1650 tonne turbot quota sold to John Risley for processing, again in Nova Scotia. In the House of Assembly yesterday, Fisheries Minister Tom Rideout reiterated the province was not consulted about the sale of the quota. Parsons is calling on area MP Bill Matthews and Federal Fisheries Minister Loyola Hearn to provide an explanation as to why this resource giveaway was allowed.

MR. PARSONS: Canada sucks!

MR. RIDEOUT: Canada really sucks, and we said it first!

There was a bit of hope someone might start holding Williams Government to account, notwithstanding the election results, once the House of Williams Government returned to sitting.

Past tense.



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