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Friday, May 09, 2008

Mein Kriecher sagte mir, daß ich nie aufhöre, zu erstaunen (IV)

From the debates of the Bow-Wow Parliament on Thursday, in which a half-hearted attempt to impost parliamentary decorum is met by an even halfer-hearted attempt to keep it. (It goes almost without saying that Charlene Johnson's breach of the same rule went un-noticed by the Speaker.)

MR. HICKEY: Mr. Speaker, the 2008 Budget without question is one of the best budgets. I think, when we look at the issues that have come back and the comments, I suppose, that have come back, it is very clear that the people in this Province are pleased with the way in which we have shown great leadership under Premier Williams and our government.

MR. SPEAKER: Order, please!

The Chair is hesitant to interrupt, but for the second time the hon. member has reverted back to something that the Chair has raised here several times in referring to members by their names. I ask the hon. member for his cooperation, I know it was a slip of the tongue, but if he would be kind enough to abide by the parliamentary procedure here it would be appreciated.

MR. HICKEY: I apologize, Mr. Speaker, and I will try to certainly live up to those expectations.

Mr. Speaker, one of the documents that I am very pleased to have been involved with right from the start is the Northern Strategic Plan for Labrador. You know, when you look back over the years, certainly in my municipal life as a former mayor and a former town councillor I dealt with many governments. I dealt with governments under then Brian Tobin, I dealt with governments under then Roger Grimes, and certainly I can tell you in my municipal life it was very frustrating. It was very frustrating for the people of Labrador from the perspective that we could not get any commitments, any investment from the provincial government of the day. I will say to you, that under this Administration under the leadership of Premier Williams that we have made great investments in Labrador.

All Labradorians have ever wanted is our fair share. All we have ever wanted is our fair share, to be a part of this Province, and I can tell you, under the leadership of Premier Williams and this government we are making great headways when it comes to those issues, Mr. Speaker.


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