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Friday, June 27, 2008

On Ridiculousness

Ryan takes out his pink, white, and green pencil crayons and writes this week:
Returning to politics, George Baker is always good for a quote. Jane Taber of the Globe and Mail wrote recently how Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his government aren’t fans of the Senate. They want changes, including allowing the provinces to elect senators. As the debate continues, Taber wrote, Harper isn’t filling Senate vacancies, provoking comments such as this one from Senator Baker, a Liberal: "Hey honey, I shrunk the Senate." Please God they won't shrink the House of Commons — our seven seats out of 308 is ridiculous enough …
Yeah. Ryan reads the Globe and Mail. The oppressor. Just like Our Dear Premier and No Names Please do.

But, pray tell, what's ridiculous about seven seats of 308?



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