"We can't allow things that are inaccurate to stand." — The Word of Our Dan, February 19, 2008.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Final supplemental, Mr. Speaker

Again, from the truly bizarro universe that spewed for from His Dear Mouth on Tuesday:
Mr. Speaker, the current Prime Minister, Prime Minister Harper, had indicated verbally that he would support a loan guarantee.
Mr. Speaker, isn't it convenient that all kinds of things get said to the Premier all the time, verbally, behind closed doors, with no one else present? Why is the Premier now relying on his imaginary verbal committment, instead of on the imaginary written committment he imagined he had received in 2006?
I would suggest, as a result of this accord, if you took the time to read it, you would realize that a new coalition government would support, in fact, clean energy and water, and that is what the Lower Churchill is all about.
Mr. Speaker, the Premier seems to be suffering under the delusion — or the additional delusion — that the so-called Lower Churchill project is about clean water. Can he inform the House, what water will it clean? who will it supply clean water to?


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