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Monday, February 23, 2009

I just called to say I hate him

Our Dear Premier calls up the Evening Radio Host. He professes to have had no real plans to call in, it’s just a “courtesy” call.

So polite, that ODP. Courtesy calling, long distance, or from a cell phone (or both), when He is otherwise busy busy busy, 24/7/52, it being CRA polling season and all.

ODP and ERH banter convivially about the sinking of the Monte Galineiro, which ties in nicely with ODP’s latest holy crusade: preventing Canada, a sovereign country, from negotiating treaties. (Cold-served revenge for Blaine-Bond?)

But those topics, ODP protests, aren’t the real reason He called in tonight. In fact, other than calling it a “courtesy” call, H doesn’t actually come out and state the real reason.

But boy, He sure did spend a lot of the time remaining in His call slagging “Mr. Griffiths” of Grand Falls-Windsor, and questioning the man’s motives.


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