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Sunday, February 22, 2009

One whose allocation was writ on air

An interesting error, if not a full-fledged Freudian slip, on the Ministry of Truth today:
Citizens Rep Applauding Facility Announcement in Labrador
February 22, 2009

The province's Citizens Representative is applauding the allocation of funds for a new facility in Labrador for adult women and youth offenders. Barry Fleming says a society is often assessed by how it treats its most vulnerable. He says with the allocation of 2 million dollars to construct the pre-trial facility in Happy Valley -Goose Bay, government has shown its intent to address the many problems within the system. In the summer of 2007, Fleming conducted a special investigation into programs and services for female offenders in Labrador. It stemmed from reports a young aboriginal woman threatening to harm herself was held in an RCMP holding cell, without clothing or a mattress, for days. Police later apologized to the woman and in his final report, Fleming had called on government to build a new custodial facility for women. He says he's pleased to see money air-marked for this much needed facility.
A wonderful and appropriate choice of malapropisms it would seem:
Government Short on Funding for Small Towns; May
February 22, 2009

On the heels of the effort Thursday to rescue the dolphins trapped in the slob ice of Seal Cove, the town's mayor, Winston May, had to deal with the reality of running a small town. May says a major snowfall blocked area roads while the town's single piece of road-clearing equipment was broke down. He says, on Thursday night, the brakes on the town's fire truck failed. May says they hear a lot of talk about money from government for small towns but it's all on paper. He says they don't see any money. May says he will look for money at the next council meeting to upgrade the town's equipment.
Or marked on air, as the case may be.


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