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Friday, February 20, 2009


Public Enemy No. 14 (ranking is approximate) asks:
In short, is the government prepared to apply the same principle of adjacency to those hydro resources as it regularly promotes in the fishery? The government would not tolerate fish from Bonavista Bay being trucked to the Port au Port Peninsula for processing, for example. The citizens of the Exploits Region would not and should not accept any less.
It's a question on the mind of other residents of "Central", judging by an exchange on the same topic during an open-line radio program this evening:
Morris from King’s Point: Will it [the power] come back when we want it?

Radio Host: I think that’s a fair question.
A fair question, indeed. One that you might think people with journalistic instincts would be asking about Our Dear Energy Monopoly's plan to generate a couple gazillion megawatts of electricity (number of gazillions is approximate) and transmit it directly across, and out of, Labrador.

So where are all the fair questions about adjacency in that case?


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