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Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Ghost of Optimism Past

Some long-since bit-bucketted, but well-archived gems of economic optimism from the Chief Ecoptomist Himself, as reported by the Ministry of Truth:
Concerned Over Rising Dollar and Future of Mill; Williams
Nov 8, 2007

The provincial government is worried about the rising Canadian dollar. Premier Danny Williams made the comment, amid word Abitibi-Bowater is into a 30-day review of its entire operation to try to cut costs, partly because of the soaring buck. Williams says the central Newfoundland mill is in a relatively good situation in that it enjoys a favourable power arrangement and has no issues with wood supply.

Leaders Positive About Province's Future
December 25, 2007

Premier Danny Williams says he feels really good about the province and wants to build on that momentum. Williams is wishing everyone in the province a joyous Christmas season.

Lots of Hurdles to Jump on Lower Churchill: Premier Williams
January 2, 2008

Premier Danny Williams says the Lower Churchill is not a definite. He says there are a lot of hurdles to jump, and they will be a major focus of government over the coming year. But he says on the other hand there are some really exciting projects in the works, including the anticipated signing of the Hebron agreement in the near future, a possible oil refinery in Placentia, an aluminum smelter in Labrador and the hydromet facility in Long Harbour.

Oil Show Excitement
June 16, 2008

There is a lot of excitement surrounding this week's NOIA conference and Atlantic Canada Petroleum Show at Mile One Centre. Premier Danny Williams, who will be one of the guest speakers at this week's event, says he is getting a real sense of pride in Newfoundland and Labrador' s oil and gas industry. Williams says there are some fantastic partnerships being forged in this province with companies all over the world. He also says the provincial government is fostering strong relationships with the oil industry so that they will increase their investment here. Williams is optimistic there will be a lot more exploration off our coasts. Williams says it's the government' s goal to take the energy industry to another level.

NL No Longer 'Have Not'
November 4, 2008

For the first time in the province's history, Newfoundland and Labrador has reached 'have' province status. Word that we would no longer receive equalization payments from Ottawa came Monday, as Provincial Finance Minister Jerome Kennedy attended meetings with his counterparts in Toronto. The status comes one year earlier than expected. Premier Danny Williams says we will be a 'have' province according to the equalization formula, for this year and next. However, with the volatility of oil prices and the dicey global financial situation, Williams says the future is hard to predict. Though oil has played a big part in reaching the milestone, Williams says other factors also played a role, such as source and commodity revenues, a booming housing market and a decrease in unemployment.


At 10:47 AM, April 18, 2009 , Blogger Edward G. Hollett said...

You have done a yeoman servuice to the public by re-running this old voice of the cabinet minister stuff.

Note, esp., the comment rom November 2008 about "have" status:

"Premier Danny Williams says we will be a 'have' province according to the equalization formula, for this year and next."

"This year" meant 2008 but as the Premier well knew the Equalization formula that applied in 2008 would not be decided until - at the latest - the end of February 2009.

His screaming in January (simply tongue-stilled from late Novemmebr - was about 2009.

What didn't become clear until some time later again was the provincial government had switched or would be shortly switching to O'Brien 50 and decided to be a have-not for 2008 so they could keep being a have-not in 2009.

They were bitching in January about not being able to stay as a have-not.



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