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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Mr. Speaker, do your job (V)

MR. HICKEY: Mr. Speaker, this race, with its international cast of players, could not run by itself. The Williams government, on March 13, announced a substantial investment of some $90,000 for the event, which we are proud to support both as a tool for economic development and a celebration of the Labrador culture and lifestyle.

MR. HICKEY: I can tell you, Mr. Chairman, it is because of the work of the Department of Labrador and Aboriginal Affairs, working with our colleagues and with our fellow ministers and department heads, with the support, certainly, of Premier Williams and the Premier’s Office, that we have been able to accomplish much in Labrador since 2003 when our government took office.

MS DUNDERDALE: They understand what it is that we are about. They clearly remember the mess that we inherited from fourteen years of governance from the Liberal Party in this Province. They clearly understood what the situation was when we took over. They understand how important the principles that we laid out in our Blue Book are to the people who sit in this House under the PC governance and leadership of Danny Williams, of the Premier of this Province.

MR. TAYLOR: Mr. Speaker, I rise in this hon. House today to announce the Williams government’s latest effort to ensure safety remains the number one priority of the Department of Transportation and Works.

MR. KENNEDY: Mr. Speaker, the Opposition House Leader said, in his speech yesterday: well, what has this government done? Well, of all of the things that Premier Williams has done, one legacy that will be left behind is the message that Newfoundlanders and Labradorians can stand on their own two feet, go anywhere in this country, be proud of themselves, and stand up with the best of them.



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