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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Phun with Photoshop

Geoff Meeker's posting on the photo manipulation used in the recent rounds of tourism marketing efforts brings to mind this image, also from the tourism department's website:
The scene is instantly recognizable to anyone who's ever been to North West River. However, there are at least three elements in this composite. The "mid-ground" (the trees, frozen lake, and background hills" are all real enough, and were exposed at the same time. The northern lights are blatantly artificial (although it's not difficult to get real imagary of the real thing.)

The rocky, snow-covered bluff, if it exists at all, is not where the "photograph" suggests it does (which is in fact the edge of a gravel moraine hill). It's also possible that the snowmobile and people are an entirely separate element also 'shopped in. And, for good measure, the palette of the original background photo is suggestive, though by no means conclusive, of a daylit shot whose hue, saturation, and values have been tinkered with to impose an artificial night aura.

Here's an untampered photo taken from within a few feet of the same vantage point — you can even identify individual trees which are the same in both images.


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