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Friday, May 29, 2009


The House of Assembly — that ever-so-busy place that is so so unbelievably busy that not even SuperJoan Burke herself could shepherd Grenfell Autonomy legislation through it; so busy she never even tried — shutters for the summer.

In May.

How very appropriate that SuperJoan herself gets to make the announcement:
MS BURKE: Mr. Speaker, it is moved and seconded that when this House adjourns today, it stands adjourned to the call of the Chair. The Speaker, or in his absence from the Province, the Deputy Speaker, may give notice and thereupon the House shall meet at the time and date stated by the notice of the proposed sitting, and it moved that this House do now adjourn.

MR. SPEAKER: Before I move the adjournment, I want to take the opportunity to wish members a safe summer and to enjoy doing what they do best and that is out working in their constituencies, and the people that gave us the great privilege to serve here. I thank members for their co-operation and respecting decisions made by the Chair and respecting other members’ privileges while this House was in session.

I thank hon. members.

This House now stands adjourned until the call of the Chair.



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