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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Great moments in optimistic non-crap

Here is the labradore countdown of the Five Greatest Moments in Mr. Happiness McSunshine's never-ending battle against negative people, pessimism and crap:

5. “Maybe on that particular morning this guy got up on the wrong side of the bed.”

4. “The Joyce Hancocks of the world”

3. Mr. Williams repeatedly made mocking mention of his main opponent, Liberal Leader Gerry Reid, at one point calling him “poor old Jed Clampett Gerry Reid” [Oliver Moore, Globe and Mail, October 6, 2007]

2. “Mark your X for Eddyot”

1.5. PREMIER WILLIAMS: So it is a little two-faced, to say the least, to get on this way in questions.

1. PREMIER WILLIAMS: I actually withdraw that remark, Mr. Speaker, that the Leader of the Opposition is, in fact, no-faced.

Honourable Mention: “So, while Miss Guy can do her 'Dear Diary' notes...”



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