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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

NS Decision Desk 2009

7:00:01 EST: One second after the polls have closed across Nova Scotia, the labradore decision desk projects an NDP majority government!

7:00:02: Just kidding!

7:00:03: But not really.

7:03: Who projected first, Steve Murphy? Huh? Hint: Not Steve Murphy!

7:08: Greetings, Babblers!

7:19: Swing! Swing ridings! Where aaarre youuuu?

7:21: Guysborough is up to five polls, NDP over 50%.

7:22: Cape Breton North now a tight race between the incumbent Tory Cecil Clarke and the NDP challenger.

7:23: Dear Jim Nunn: One poll does not a "considerable lead" make, no matter how "considerable" the lead is.

7:26: Notwithstanding the admonition to Jim Nunn, the fact that the NDP is ahead in any poll in Kings North is pretty telling.

7:27: The Liberals and Tories are splitting the non-NDP vote in Guysborough pretty evenly. Allegorical?

7:28: Hammonds Plains is heading towards being a PC>NDP conversion.

7:29: NDP holding their South Shore districts, look to be picking up L'burg, CB North back in their column.

7:30: CBC projects! Sorta.

7:32: Dipper pulling ahead in Kings North. You don't even need one poll to tell you what's happening in Kings South.

7:34: Again the one-poll caveat, but Eastern Shore, don't you realize you're a bellwether? You have a reputation to uphold!

7:36: Clarke back ahead in CB North.

7:37: Glace Bay tilting back to the Dipsters from NSLP.

7:40: Liberals incumbents holding on to both Metro seats.

7:41: Dippers leading in all South Shore seats that have reported.

7:42: Tale of the tape: Dipper Zann leading in Truro-Bible Hill.

7:42: Ernie Fage is delivering Cumberland North to the NDP.

7:43: Pictou Centre way too close to call with 14/44 counted.

7:44: Tory leading again by 8% in Victoria-The Lakes with half the polls in.

7:47: Chester-St. Margaret's is making it a Dipper sweep on the South Shore.

7:48: Liberal-Tory race in Hants West.

7:49: Eastern Shore suddenly remembered. NDP on top there now.

7:50: We all want to see more polls from Musquodobit Valley, ok?

7:51: Tories have a 75-vote lead in Antigonish over the Dippydoos.

7:52: CBC projects an NDP majority. You don't say!

7:53: NDP second — distantly, but second — in the Annapolis Valley Liberal chateau-fort.

7:54: The Bedford Basin shore is going Liberal — one pickup, but the incumbent is in a fight.

7:56: Tories leading and nearly elected in all of their Cape Breton seats.

7:58: Thank you, magical results elves! Musquodobit Valley numbers start coming in, the Tories start losing the seat.

7:59: Hants West back in the Tory-leading column.

8:01: Glace Bay sees, Glace Bay saws... Liberal incumbent back on top with seventeen polls to report.

8:04: Kings North results look surprisingly like Kings South results.

8:07: Liberal Younger doing very well in Dartmouth East; staving off and NDP sweep of D'mouth — just.

8:10: Dippers hanging on to a 90-vote lead in John Hamm's old seat.

8:17: Truro isn't even close. Wow.

8:37: Younger by 140 with one poll still out.

8:42: The NDP's Skabar almost took Cumberland North without any help from Ernie Fage.

8:44: Have the Edible Ballot Society mucked off with the last few boxes in Antigonish?

8:48: It's all over but the New Dexter Party's victory speech. Night all! (Both.)



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