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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Our Dear Computer Scientist

In his bizzaroland media avail on Thursday (video link), Our Dear Premier, who, as Our Dear Opposition Leader, once used nothing but Word Perfect 5.1 and a can of hairspray to foil a nefarious Liberal plot to hack into a PC caucus laser printer, critiqued the computer science skills of The Enemy of the People:

We instructed Eastern Health to insert the word ‘breast’ into their search. Now, I’m sure you must be in absolute amazement that as a result of breast cancer errors, that Eastern Health was actually pushing back on doing a search that related to the word ‘breast’ for detection of breast cancer. They did push back, and we insisted that they go ahead with that… As a result of that exercise, more people were discovered that had to be properly tested. That’s what brought this to a head in the first place…

Buried down here are the people who, nearly four years later, failed to be detected because Eastern Health didn’t put the word ‘breast’ in their computer searches when they were trying to find files mumble mumble

Perhaps Our Dear Computer Scientist can also give some good to the boy geniuses at Transportation and Works who couldn’t tell an electronic file if it bit them on the USB key, or to the idiots at Executive Council, whoever they are, who don’t know how to sort emails by subject line using Outlook.



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