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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

There is no greater fraud than a something something something

A most interesting summary of the latest chapter in the Mystery of the Missing Whistleblower Legislation, courtesy a CBC Here and Now report by David Cochrance. (RealMedia Video link.)

Interesting? No, make that contrafactual. Cochrane clues up his report:
Despite this delay, Williams says he’s still committed to bringing in whistleblower legislation, and will do it during this term in office. But whether that happens in 2009, or 2010, or the election year of 2011, he couldn’t say.
You see, the thing is, Williams didn’t actually commit to bringing in whistleblower legislation in this term, a term which is rapidly approaching the half-way point. (Assuming, that is, that Danny Williams-Government again resists the temptation to pull the plug early.)

Nope. Williams-Government promised to bring it in in the first session of the House of Assembly after the fall 2007 election.

For posterity – and for David Cochrane’s benefit, since CBC seems to have missed the pronouncement – here’s an excerpt from a Rob Antle report from the Telegram of October 7, 2007:
Progressive Conservative Leader Danny Williams pledged Saturday a new Tory government will implement whistleblower laws in the first session of the legislature after the Oct. 9 election.

"We'll get that on at the very earliest opportunity," Williams said in response to questions from reporters at a Carbonear shopping mall.

"The very first session of the House that we have, that's something we'll have a look at. As a matter of fact, there'd be no reason why we wouldn't get it on."

Williams said Saturday he has no problem with a speedy implementation process.

"I'm personally very strongly in favour of it," he said.

"I have no objection whatsoever. Ms. Michael has pointed out that some people have made calls to her, and we want to make sure that these people feel protected."
And for good measure, VOCM’s account of the solemn promise by the guy who gets vewy vewy angwy about bwoken pwomises, at least when other people break them:

Whistleblower Laws Coming
October 7, 2007

The provincial election campaign is winding down and union leaders are applauding word that Premier Danny Williams plans on bringing in whistleblower legislation. Williams intends to introduce legislation in the next provincial session in wake of claims that workers in the public sector are afraid to report wrongdoing. At a weekend campaign stop in Carbonear-Harbour Grace District, the Tory leader said he supports legislation that would protect public workers who point out various problems at the workplace. The premier's statement comes after NDP Leader Lorraine Michael said she has received late-night phone calls from health-care professionals who want to speak out about poor working conditions but are too afraid to do so.



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