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Friday, May 29, 2009

Burkean logic

A fascinating logical backflip by hapless and gormless The Party House Leader, in a report today by Barb Sweet for the Telegram:
Another House session closed Thursday and there's still no whistleblower legislation.

"They've had lots of time. This has been ongoing now for years," Opposition House Leader Kelvin Parsons told the media after Newfoundland and Labrador Supreme Court of Appeal Chief Justice Derek Green closed the House of Assembly's spring session Thursday.

"It was committed back by the premier in the 2007 election. We are into 2009. There's no piece of legislation so complicated they couldn't have it done by now."


Government House Leader Joan Burke said she can't comment on when the Justice department will have it ready.

She said the AbitibiBowater expropriation was swift because the government wanted it done expeditiously.
OK... so, by necessary corollary, this means that Danny Williams-Government doesn't want the whistleblower legislation done expeditiously... right?

Is that perhaps also the real reason for the lack of expedition in the Grenfell autonomy bill, whose delay Joan Burke, in her former portfolio, previously, risibly, attributed to the "busy schedule in the house of assembly"?

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