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Wednesday, July 22, 2009


That Danny Williams-Government sure is a funny guy.

"My Government will harness the desire among Newfoundlanders and Labradorians to cultivate greater ... financial ... autonomy vis-à-vis Ottawa," he says.

How does he cultivate greater financial autonomy vis-à-vis Ottawa?

By, erm, asking for more money from Ottawa, especially for anything to do with Labrador. The latest exhibit:

Provincial Government Committed to Southern Labrador Regional Airport

The Honourable Trevor Taylor, Minister of Transportation and Works, today set the record straight regarding the Provincial Government’s commitment to a regional airport for Port Hope Simpson, Labrador.


"A detailed letter with a five-year plan was sent on September 5, 2007, by John Hickey our provincial transportation minister at the time, to the federal transport minister clearly stating our intention to move forward with this project with the help of our federal counterparts," said Minister Taylor.


"We continue to press the Federal Government on this issue but thus far they have not stepped up to the plate," said Minister Taylor. "The Williams Government’s investment in Labrador is unparalleled in this province’s history and make no mistake this government is committed to creating a regional airport for Southern Labrador in Port Hope Simpson."

Once those dastardly federal counterparts "help", that is, by paying 100% of the costs.

Cultivating financial autonomy from Ottawa? You can't cultivate anything by salting the ground.

Meanwhile, other than writing lots of letters asking Louis St-Laurent for money, how, exactly, has Financially Autonomous Danny Williams-Government "stepped up to the plate"?



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