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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mmmm... carrots

A July 17, 2002 CBC news report filed by David Zelcer:
Premier Roger Grimes has promised Beaton Tulk a cabinet post if he wins the by-election in Bonavista North next week. The Tories call that a desperate move by a government about to lose another Liberal seat. David Zelcer reports.

Roger Grimes confirms that he recently announced to a crowd of Liberal supporters at the fire hall in Lumsden that he has a seat at the cabinet table waiting for Beaton Tulk.

Roger Grimes: "Being in the cabinet is an absolute guarantee. I'd love to have Beaton Tulk back working as hard as he was working for us before."

Tory candidate Harry Harding says the Liberals are obviously worried.

Harry Harding: "Oh, definitely. Yes. Why would he do it at this point in time? At least wait until they have the election over to see if he's elected and then, then make that statement. But to do it during a campaign, it's nothing only pure politics."

But Beaton Tulk says there's nothing wrong with the Premier giving him credit for all the cabinet posts he's held in the past.

Beaton Tulk: "I think the Premier of this province has looked at them and said we need this fellow to work for us and I think the people of Bonavista North have a right to know about it."

Tory leader Danny Williams believes the Liberals are running scared. He says they probably have the same poll results the Tories have seen - results that Williams claims show Harding is now the front-runner.
Cf. October, 2007.



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