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Tuesday, July 07, 2009


According to the Ceeb, Danny Williams is suddenly concerned about the costs of Our Dear Infeed:
Williams says he would prefer not to do have the line go through the park, but going around it could add more than $100 million to the cost of the project.

"We can't just start carving out those kinds of dollars … without even have a proper costing. It's wrong to oversimplify it, but if it meant putting it into health care as opposed to putting it into UNESCO, I would put it into health care, he said.
Funny. You might think the dichotomy would be putting some of that "it" into health care vs. putting "it" into a transmission line, especially considering that Danny Williams-Government doesn't actually put any "it" into UNESCO. But that's a digression.

No, the bigger question is: if $100-million is too much to add to the cost of Our Dear Infeed... then what about the costs of Our Dear Infeed in the first place, as opposed to the alternatives — either for transmitting Labrador power to a market, or supplying Newfoundland with electricity?

If we need all that "it" for health care, why would we spend hundreds of millions, if not billions, of "it" building a transmission line out of pure spite?


At 10:36 PM, July 07, 2009 , Blogger Edward G. Hollett said...

These be dangerous questions.

If cost was a real issue then no one would be talking about running lines down through Newfoundland and across to Nova Scotia. Big, costly and inefficient.

Simplest way to the lucrative martkets is the way the Wheeler deal went.

There are other alternatives to mee the island needs, as NALCO officials have acknowledged.

So other than the fact the plans for the infeed were in the drawer with the rest of the stuff left over from 1998, why else would anyone be talking about the infeed?

At 10:43 AM, July 08, 2009 , Blogger babe in boyland said...

isn't it funny that dw didn't think the money he spent buying a peice of the project risk on hebron and white rose expansion and hibernia south could have gone into health care?


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