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Monday, July 06, 2009

Two independent thought alarms in one week?

And both from central Newfoundland. The centralists must be over-stimulated.

First, John Meaney at the Gander Beacon asks some impertinent questions:

It makes me wonder what Mr. Williams knew six or seven months ago about the Hibernia South deal, and how close the consortium was to signing the tentative package? When did Mr. Williams actually know a deal was going to be struck?


Mr. Williams is a lawyer, and I'm sure he's asked this question to clients and witnesses before. If you're not telling me everything about this matter, what are you not telling me about other items of public interest?
Meaney makes the following observation:

If Mr. Williams wants a free ride, perhaps private business is where he needs to return, he can find it there. Otherwise, you're the top dog, and there's no vacation in that position. It is the opposition and the right of the people to continue to ask its government what it is doing. If Mr. Williams expects less then I'm afraid he's forgotten what a democracy is.
And that's not even the most explosive thing he says.

Meanwhile, a short Winnebago ride away in Grand Falls-Windsor, known Tory Roger Pike also asks treasonous, anti-Newfoundland questions:
The time has come to get those elected officials (you know who they are) on the public record. The question to be asked is simple. What have you done to solicit the province to grant central Newfoundland the value of the hydro assets once used to make paper?

We need to know what our MHAs have been saying to this government to give us the value of those hydro assets. What is their position on this issue?
And he makes a dire prediction:
The Williams government needs to know this issue will not go away. Those seeking elected office in the upcoming municipal election need to know they will be pressed to have a game plan. Those MHAs who cannot explain their silence should also know they will be held accountable for their inaction. Their silence is not acceptable. Never was and never will be.
Wonder if these good denizens of such a hot-bed of questions, and conspicuous lack of fealty, can expect phone calls?

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At 9:32 PM, July 06, 2009 , Blogger Edward G. Hollett said...

Plenty of people have been wondering privately about the Hibernia South deal and government's pleas of of dire financial straits when bargaining with public sector unions.

Meaney's just the first to put the questions in print.

Pike - a former Tory candidate if memory serves - is just refelcting what appears to be a fairly strong body of opinion in Central. You don't have to agree or disagree with their argument to recognise it is there and it doesn't appear to be diminshing over time.


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