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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Supplemental, Mr. Speaker

Geoff Meeker has done a superb public service with his two-part (so far) posting on Premier Thick-Skin's very thin skin. Part one dealt with some of his thin-skinned run-ins with members of the media. Part two, more disturbingly, described a run-in with an ordinary resident from Stephenville.

Bernard Rumbolt's story is interesting for a bunch of reasons... but this passage is especially eye-catching:

“You can’t talk to him when he gets upset,” Rumbolt said. “He’s very childish. I called Bill Rowe over the matter too. Other people called to say I was only trying to (fabricate) something, that the premier would never, ever call me. But he did. He does that.”

Other people?

If anyone out there in the intertubes has the capsules of the follow-up calls, identifying the callers (at least insofar as they were identified on-air by VOCM) who essentially called Rumbolt a liar... well, you know what to do.


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