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Friday, July 03, 2009


The good folks of Grand Falls-Windsor want recognition of the “adjacency principle” when it comes to the benefit of the Grand Falls power plant:

"When we look at adjacency, none of the oil comes to Newfoundland and Labrador, yet we deserved a portion of it. We deserved to generate some income to the province because of our adjacency to that oil in our offshore," [Sean Cooper] said. "The premier gets $2 billion because of adjacency. Now we are here in the Exploits region next to a power generation that drove the economy of central Newfoundland for 100 years."
The Danny Provincial Williams Government won’t hear it:

"Some people in the region have been calling for the creation of a community trust fund, but government will not and cannot approach economic development in the province in this fashion," said Minister Skinner. "While we continue to work with the Community Development Committee – a dedicated 15-person team consisting of local community, business, and union leaders – to revitalize the central region, we are equally committed to the economic and social development of all areas and regions of the province. Our policies must balance regional requirements."
Adjacency is the shibboleth that divides the hero from traitor when it comes to mining, fisheries, fisheries (again), NALCO, and fish processing. Indeed, as Our Dear Premier (May His Preternaturally Thick Hair Always Be Perfectly Parted) has said:
We should be concerned about the fact that most of our processing in the fishery is done outside our Province. We need to be concerned about adjacency.
The Word of Our Dan.

So why the hard line against adjacency when it comes to hydro benefits?

Go ahead. Take a wild guess.



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