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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Did we mention the new L'anse au Loup school?

But to come in and, y'know, double- and triple-announce money that, that's given the appearance of being new money, that's just, that's misleading.

May 9, 2001: This new allocation will provide for new schools at L’Anse au Loup, Lawn, Mud Lake and Postville and redevelopment of schools at Burnt Islands, St. Brides and Winterton.

August 13, 2001: Planning has begun for the construction of new schools in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Mud Lake, Postville, Lance-au-Loup, Burgeo and Lawn.

August 21, 2001: ...funding has been approved for a new K-6 facility at Lanse au Loup. Construction of that school is expected to start next spring

December 21, 2001: Education Minister Judy Foote today confirmed the Department of Education's commitment to construct a new state-of the-art K-6 school in L'Anse au Loup.

(Five years and an election cycle happen.)

September 15, 2006: Education Minister Joan Burke joined Wally Young, MHA for the District of St. Barbe, and Don Brown, chair of the Board of Trustees of the Western School Board, in Port Saunders today to announce the construction of two new K-12 schools in the Western School District, one for Port Saunders on the Northern Peninsula, and the other for L’Anse au Loup in southern Labrador.

April 4, 2007: Over $80 million allocated for new school construction, repairs and maintenance since Budget 2004. This includes new schools for Torbay, Mobile, Baie Verte, Port Saunders, L’Anse au Loup and Placentia

April 20, 2007: In September 2006, the Provincial Government announced a new school for L’anse au Loup. Department officials are currently working with a consultant to develop estimates.

April 26, 2007: Ongoing projects which require capital investments this year include redevelopment of the former Herdman Collegiate in Corner Brook; new schools in Mobile, Port Saunders, L’Anse au Loup...

June 19, 2007: "Projects are happening all over the province – in Port Saunders and L’Anse au Loup...," said Minister Burke.

July 25, 2007: Projects in the Early Development Stage: L'Anse au Loup - new K-12 school ($800,000)

(Oh — 2007 was an election year.)

November 21, 2007: Projects in the Planning Stage: L'Anse au Loup - new K-12 school

April 29, 2008: Minister Burke noted that Budget 2008 allocates funding for nine new schools currently under development in L’Anse au Loup [...]

September 4, 2008: The budget this year for new schools and repair and maintenance is $88.8 million, an increase of $39.5 million over last year. This will help move forward nine new schools that have been announced for the communities of L’Anse au Loup [...]

March 18, 2009: In addition to the Torbay and Paradise schools, the Provincial Government has committed funding for new schools in Port Saunders, Placentia, Baie Verte, L’Anse au Loup [...]

March 26, 2009: Labrador investments in the stimulus package include: $19 million for a new francophone school in Happy Valley-Goose Bay and new K-12 schools in Port Hope Simpson and L’Anse au Loup [...]

April 29,2009: ... a new K-12 school in L’Anse au Loup, where tenders have closed and bids are being assessed

May 21, 2009: Tenders have been awarded for the construction of schools in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, L’anse au Loup [...]

June 3, 2009: Site development or the main construction phase will occur this year on new schools in L’Anse au Loup [...]

June 11, 2009: L'anse au Loup school...

June 24, 2009: In addition, work is moving forward at a rapid pace on the construction of several new schools, including two K-6 facilities in Paradise, as well as new buildings in L’Anse au Loup [...]

June 26, 2009: In addition, new schools are being built in Paradise, L’Anse au Loup [...]

July 2, 2009: Construction Underway on New School for L’Anse au Loup

Apparently, they're building it out of press releases.


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I am not sure I see your point...LOL

Well done.


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