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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Funny of the year

The Kukumber King, the Potentate of Pickles, the Guru of Greenhouses, has some thoughts on the latest foray into $20-million economic development projects (or, if you like geological research):
Peckford Applauds Nalcor

A former premier is applauding government owned Nalcor, and its role in west coast oil exploration. Brian Peckford was in St. John's yesterday for the opening of a park in honour of Cyril Abery, one of the instrumental players in putting together the Atlantic Accord. There has been some concern raised about public money being used for the west coast oil play, but Peckford says, as long as it's done prudently, it's a good move.
The Telegram article by Dave Bartlett (sadly not on the public intertubes) helpfully provides some direct speech:
Peckford said he supports Nalcor Energy's decision to invest $14 million in oil exploration on the province's west coast, which the province's opposition parties recently compared to high-stakes poker and roulette.

Peckford said while exploration is risky business, it's a risk worth taking at this time.

"Nothing happens unless there is some risk involved," he told reporters. "To take on that kind of a role is not unwise, but rather a prudent thing to do as long as (Nalcor does) it carefully."
The current Premier was apparently unavailable for comment, but is on record that former Premiers should "shut up and go away", a policy pronouncement which, as far as this corner is aware, still stands:
“I find it sad when former premiers comment on current administrations,” Williams said.


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