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Monday, October 26, 2009

The best Danocracy money can buy

Enfin! The 2008 provincial political contribution report is out, with only a few weeks left to go before 2009 becomes 2010. (And that’s an improvement!)

Some of the more interesting tidbits, by party:

The Party: The Party took in $593,312.92 in 2008, of which 82% was corporate money and 17% personal. 21% of The Party’s revenue came from sources outside the province.

Hey, PC donor! Are you also a supporter of the federal Conservative Party? If so, congratulations! The PC Party of Dannystan funded the 2008 federal ABC Campaign to the tune of $81,389.62, meaning that in effect 13.7 cents of every dollar you sent to John Babb in 2008 paid for Harper-bashing billboards, newspaper ads, and TV spots.

Central Newfoundland lawyer Karl Inder gave $500 to The Party, as did his professional colleague, Mark Griffin – the traitor.

Careful arithmetists will note that 82 plus 17 does not equal 100. Another 1% came from other donors who are a little harder to classify, including:
  • The RNC (Royal Newfoundland Constabulary) Assocation gave $2000 to The Party. This brings to $13,150 the total amount that the RNCA (and Coppers) have collectively contributed to the democratic process since 1999 inclusive. All but $700 of their support for democracy has gone to The Party or to The Party candidates. (Liberal candidate Paul Buckle in 1999, and the Liberal party itself in 2007, where the other recipients.)
  • The City of Corner Brook made another $750 contribution to The Party – the fourth year in a row it has done so, in the same amount.
  • The Corner Brook Port Corporation also gave $750 to The Party, and like the City, it’s the fourth year running that it has given the same amount. In 2007, it also cut $500 cheques to each of the Liberal and NDP candidates in the three metro Corner Brook districts.
  • The Deer Lake Regional Airport Authority also gave $750 to The Party, the fifth year running that it has contributed, and the third that the amount has been $750 on the nose.
Liberal Party: The provincial Liberal Party took in $40,955 in 2008, of which 87% was corporate money and 13% personal. 34% of its revenue came from sources outside the province.

Vale-Inco slightly favoured the opposition ($5000) over the incumbent government ($4500). On the other hand, Aurora Energy sent $1500 to the Librils, vs. $2500 to The Party, while Corner Brook Pulp and Paper disfavoured the Librils $1000 to the Tories’ $3500.

NDP: The Dippers took in $45,387.49 in 2008, of which 65% was in personal donations and 35% from union or labour organizations.

29% of its revenues, including most of the labour money, came from outside the province. $10,000 came in the form of a big cheque (big in amount, not necessarily Oversize Novelty) from Washington, D.C.


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