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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rays of hope

While it hasn't yet been confirmed by ITAR-DAN, Jerome! Kennedy, via the Ministry of Truth, is pleased to bring the following tidings to the good burghers of the district that St. Anthony is in:
Lab and X-Ray Services in Flower's Cove Staying: Kennedy
Win or lose in the Straits-White Bay North next week, the Tory government says Flower's Cove will be keeping their lab and r-ray services. Health Minister Jerome Kennedy made the announcement on VOCM Open Line this morning with Randy Simms. Former health minister Paul Oram not only stripped the clinic of the service a couple of months ago, but also knocked the hours back from 24 to 12. He later reinstated the clinic to a 24-hour operation, but declined to restore lab and x-ray services. However, Kennedy says government made a mistake. Meanwhile, Kennedy says he will be in Lewisporte tomorrow. At last count, the clinic there was also going to be stripped of its lab and x-ray services much to consternation of area residents. Kennedy did not say if government would also be cancelling the cuts at that clinic.
There you have it: win or lose. People of the district that St. Anthony is in, you have Danny's permission to vote against him.

However, even cutting VOCM a little slack for the typo — the headline says X-rays, but the body promises r-rays — be sure to read the fine print and kick the tires.

Do not settle for r-rays, n-rays, or Q-rays.



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