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Sunday, October 18, 2009

The temperature of feet

Not that long ago, the people of Flowers Cove and area were, quite effectively, holding Danny Williams-Government's feet to the fire.

And you might think that, with an impending by-election, they would be dangling those feet ever closer to the coals.

Nope. Instead, it's Flowers Cove that is now getting cold feet:
Flowers Cove Rallies on Hold
October 18, 2009

The Mayor of Flowers Cove says they have put their rallies for health care services on hold until the byelection takes place for the Straits-White Bay North. Keith Billard says they are encouraged by recent meetings with the Premier and the Minister of Health on how to retain lab and x-ray services at their clinic. He says they look forward to sitting down again and crafting a plan on how to keep services in place. Billard says he feels more confident now that officials have the facts in front of them. Billard hopes by next month the committee will meet with Labrador- Grenfell Health and the Department of Health to work on the cost savings. He maintains if services aren't kept then they will rally again for residents.
The rapidly changing temperature couldn't have anything to do with the Carrot-and-(implied)-stick approach, could it?
Premier Danny Williams says he is almost one hundred per cent sure the people of Flowers Cove will get to keep their lab and X-ray services.

The premier made the commitment while campaigning on the Northern Peninsula for the upcoming byelection for the Straits-White Bay North riding left vacant by Trevor Taylor.

An earlier government decision to cut back lab and X-ray services in the communities of Flowers Cove and Lewisporte has been a hot election issue.

Williams says he has spoken with the provincial minister of Health and is “99 per cent sure” the services are going to stay.
So will anyone ask the obvious question: does Danny the Bookie feel that those 99:1 odds are in any way dependent on the outcome of the October 27 by-election?



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